Review: GRUMPSTER - Underwhelmed LP/CD (Asian Man Records, 08 NOV 2019)

From Oakland, California comes GRUMPSTER, a three piece (very young looking) Punk Band with their Debut Album “Underwhelmed“.
Founded in 2017 the Lads playing Pop Punk, partly sweet as Candy mixed with a typical East Bay Sound and a little bit of “Bubble Gum” style comes along like Bands as Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Jawbreaker or the Muffs.

By first listening, the voice of Falyn directly reminds me of female singers like George Cheex from Action Pact or a bid like the little sister of Liz from Deadline, which is of curse not a bad reputation.
The 10 Songs are all going well with a good forward drive, some very nice sing-a-longs, pushing drums and a cool Bass & Guitar section. The partly cool ironic lyrics fits perfect to GRUMPSTER´s sound and making this Debut a damn good piece of Pop Punk.

Just listen to my favorite Songs from the Album to get a good impression of GRUMPSTER: “Underwhelmed“, “Crumbling”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Put Me to Sleep” or “Nausea”.

The Album is available on Asian Man Records as CD or LP (1st Press: 500 on half/half random colored vinyl):…/649658-grumpster-un…

Promoportal-Germany rates „Underwhelmed“ by 7.5 of 10 Points.

1. Underwhelmed
2. Party’s Over
3. Lust
4. Crumbling
5. Ruins
6. Roots
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Put Me to Sleep
9. Nausea
10. Bad Seed

GRUMPSTER Line-up: Falyn Walsh (bass & vocals), Lalo Gonzalez Deetz (guitar), and Noel Agtane (drums).

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Grumpster - Roots (Official Music Video):

Grumpster – Crumbling:

Grumpster - Tunnel Vision: