Review – Sick Of It All, Wake The Sleeping Dragon! (2018, Century Media)

NYHC Legends who are still alive and kickin´ are not a few nowadays. Be sure Sick Of It All are one of them. Just coming up with their brand new 17 Song release “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” and the Album nail it. New York Hardcore at it´s best, no joke. The old guys blast so hard that I have to rub my eyes if it´s really 2018 or a time throwback to the good ol´ Hardcore times back in the late eighties. Full of rough and raw energy, the Band is showing what NYHC is all about. That’s the real deal, no Hipster wannabe boys playing some kind of Metal and taking the real Hardcore attitude in vain. SOIA still havin´ a say and doing it in a perfect pissed way. Against society, racism (Robert Moses Was A Racist), the state, selfish idiots (Self Important Shithead), Bankers, etc. the Band comes up with clear words and makes a stand. Also SOIA still having a lot of ironic humor (Beef Between Vegans) and they staying true to their Punk & Skinhead roots (e.g. Bulls Anthem). On top the guest singers Chuck Ragan und Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) fit perfectly to the Album. A surprisingly very diversified Album which is a must have, not only for fans of old school NYHC (comes in several bundles, colored Vinyl, etc.). Hope to see them live here in Germany soon. Sick Of It All are worth every penny.

Promoportal rating: 9 of 10 points.

1. Inner Vision
2. That Crazy White Boy Shit
3. The Snake (Break Free)
4. Bull's Anthem
5. Robert Moses Was A Racist
6. Self Important Shithead
7. To The Wolves
8. Always With Us
9. Wake The Sleeping Dragon
10. 2+2
11. Beef Between Vegans
12. Hardcore Horseshoe
13. Mental Furlough
14. Deep State
15. Bad Hombres
16. Work The System
17. The New Slavery